Accelerate 10x your Quantum Computing program with a fraction of the cost.


Execute affordable and fast experiments with the Quantum as a Service Platform

HIDDEN Explore the power of Quantum computing to accelarate sustainable development and boost ESG performance.

Quantum Ops: more than Quantum-as-a-Service

Quantum Ops leading platform: From your first quantum experiment to production.

  • End-to-End Quantum Workflow: Navigate seamlessly from use case ideation, through algorithm creation, to quantum execution and insightful benchmarking.
  • Collaborative Excellence: Empower business units to set goals and KPIs, while researchers innovate to exceed them—all on a platform designed for quick and seamless quantum integration.
  • Seamless integration with quantum Hardware proviers and algorithms.
  • Enterprise grade integration with your IT systems with built-in security and compliance features.

HIDDEN Be Quantum-Ready now

Start or speed-up your Quantum Readiness Program

  • Reduce uncertainty with our certified partners.
  • Start running Quantum experiments and PoCs without complex integration costs with multiple vendors.
  • Get instant access to multiple algorithms and hardware providers with a single API.
  • Compare and benchmark the multiple solvers available, find the best one for you and be ready to use it when the Quantum Advantage becomes a reality.

Streamlining the quantum solution lifecycle

QCentroid Platform allows your team to build, validate and deploy quantum solvers for business uses cases without friction and at a fraction of the time.

For innovation team leaders

  • Align your research agenda with your company strategy
  • Test quickly and select the right use cases
  • Real-time progress tracking: report better and quicker
  • Improve the management of your team

For business experts

  • Select the right use cases: save time and money
  • Real-time progress tracking: better reports
  • Bridge the two worlds: business and the lab

For researchers

  • Comprenhensive results and reports for management
  • Easier experiments: customize the HW configuration per execution
  • Multishot executions and aggregated results

And also… for DevOps engineers

  • Connect multipe solvers to one problem
  • Continuous calibration: always point to the best solver
  • Built-in HW queues and batches management

For innovation team leaders

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For business experts

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For researchers

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And also…
for DevOps engineers

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Designed for developers

The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use Quantum API

One SDK to rule them all. Just one integration in your pipelines. One set of credentials and configurations and you get access to the whole plethora of quantum solutions.

Rest API

We offer full API access and client libraries to integrate in no time.

See the SDK

Smart contracts

Embed Quantum Power into Web3 workflows.

Learn how

Why QCentroid

Designed by Quantum engineers. Built for business.

Connect in minutes to a Qubit Agnostic API that provides the best of breed solution for your business problems.
One API, one SDK, same credentials. All the Quantum algorithms for your most complex problems.
As Quantum Computers evolve, you get the best of breed under the same API

Algorithms benchmarking

No-code quantum algorithms execution and benchmarking.

Ready-to-use algorithms catalog

A catalog of ready to use problems, and ready to test solvers.

Qubit agnostic

We connect to simulators, quantum inspired and quantum hardware providers in an agnostic and transparent way.

Security by default

Secure SDK that keeps your data yours. Security is enabled in our protocols by design. Algorithms run in secure cloud environemnts or in hardware providers vetted for security and geographical constraints.

No vendor lock-ins

Today quantum is fully focused on specific technologies. Annealers and gate based. Different qubit architectures and topologies, and algorithms adapted to them. This is risky and we save you from it.

API and Web3

Simple integration with your IT systems and workflows through easy-to-use RESTful API and built-in oracle connector for Smart contracts.

For organizations

Solve your complex problems in seconds, not hours, days or years

Consume state of the art algorithms to solve high-complex problems.

Find quantum algorithms and top quantum companies for high impact uses cases.
Compare benchmarked algorithms by execution cost, time, and accuracy results.
Consume with a few lines of code through APIs and smart contract.

For creators

Distribute your cutting-edge quantum algorithms without deployment effort

Create algorithms, share and monetize them.

Now you can focus on creating the best quantum solvers for your customers and partners, and on solving their needs.

We take care of their distribution and monetization.

QCentroid Platform is helping companies in your sector

to be quantum-ready in days

Find solvers your Use Cases

ESG Scoring improvement



Finance scenarios simulation

EV chargers placement

Credit risk optimization

Truck load optimization

Random numbers generation

Asset allocation

Molecular simulations

Chemistry simulations

Nano electronic optimization

Empowering ESG scoring and SDG Goals with Quantum-Powered Solutions

And there’s more…

For organizations

Get custom solutions for you by our trusted top expert partners.

In addition to our pay-as-you-go algorithms and solutions, you can get in touth with our trusted partners and experts for personalzied support for your custom use case.

For organizations

Get training sessions with our experts to introduce your company into the quantum world.

Start learning about quantum technologies from online courses  provided by leading companies and universities and take the next step in your quantum journey.

Latest solvers

Check the latest algorithms available in the marketplace