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Quantum Algorithms Marketplace

Solve your highly complex problems in seconds, not hours, days or years.

Find quantum algorithms for high impact uses cases.
Compare benchmarked algorithms by execution cost, time, and accuracy results.
Consume with a few lines of code through APIs and smart contract.

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Solve your complex problems in seconds, not hours, days or years.

Embed quantum algorithms into your organization workflows with few lines of code.

Distribute your cutting edge quantum algorithms without deployment effort.

Distribute your cutting edge quantum algorithms without deployment effort.

Now you can focus on creating the best quantum solvers for your customers and partners and on solving their needs. We take care of their distribution and monetization.


Real Quantum solutions for real world problems

QCentroid Embedded framework

The blockchain suite to embed off-chain quantum capabilities into decentralized applications.

  • Quantum Random Numbers Generator
    Use QCentroid QRF to consume unpredictable randomness in your projects with easy smartcontrat integration: NFTs, Gaming, lotteries, Montecarlo simulation…
  • Optimization General Solver
    Consume quantum optimization solver for your highly complex problems: Network optimization, vehicle routing, processes and supply chain planning…
  • DeFI,  ReFI, DAO Optimization Solver
    Quantum optimization algorithms for automated finance.
  • Digital/crypto Investment Optimization Solution
    Co-creation of Quantum algorithms to improve your investment strategies.
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The QCentroid platform

The platform to execute any classical, quantum-inspired or pure quantum workflow, compare them and benchmark them.

  • Qubit agnostic
    We connect to simulators, quantum inspired and quantum hardware providers in an agnostic and transparent way.
  • Reduced investment
    Get into quantum without needing to invest in complex integrations, betting on specific architectures or fighting for quantum engineering talent.
  • Quick integration
    One SDK to rule them all. Just one integration in your pipelines. One set of credentials and configurations and you get access to the whole plethora of quantum solutions.
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Use cases

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Why Quantum?

Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computation by making certain types of classically intractable problems solvable. While no quantum computer is yet sophisticated enough to carry out calculations that a classical computer can't, great progress is underway. The ones that know how to apply the current alternatives (Quantum annealing, quantum-inspired) in the right way, will generate advantages now, meanwhile being prepared for the big disruption coming.

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Why Web3?

Web3 applications, are built on decentralized peer-to-peer networks. Instead of being run by some company, these networks are built, operated, and maintained by their users. They’re self-organizing and lack a central point of failure. Additionally, they’re open-source meaning anyone’s help to build upon this shared infrastructure.

Smart contracts are like pieces of code that run on peer-to-peer networks. Once launched, they operate as programmed and users can rely on them to be unstoppable and censorship-resistant. Web3 is the future of the internet that treats it like the shared infrastructure it is. It’s a future where everyone can contribute value to the internet and be rewarded for it.

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Learn more about how quantum computing can be embedded in Web3 applications.

Connecting Quantum computing to Web3. A tech approach.

In this article we’re going to go through the requirements, the challenges and the solutions adopted to connect the Ethereum blockchain to the QCentroid Quantum Solutions Platform.

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QCentroid Team

Let us introduce you to the team that makes this all happen.

Carlos Kuchkovsky

CEO & Cofounder

Sergio Gago

Cofounder, Tech & Product advisor

Raúl Somaza

Cofounder, Chief Creative Officer

Alberto Calvo

Advisor Technology & Research

Quantum ready journey & Quantum mindset for organizations

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