We make Quantum Computing easier to use by bringing providers, creators and consumers together, and offering a unified access point and useful comparisons between the different algorithms and technologies.

At QCentroid, we are on a mission to make Quantum Computing accessible and affordable for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our Quantum as a Service Platform allows organizations to access the power of quantum computing without the need for expensive hardware or specialized expertise.

The algorithms in our marketplace are created by top qualified quantum companies, researchers and creators. This allows organizations to easily find the best solutions for their complex problems and integrate them into their existing systems, thorugh API & Blockchain, or use them to create applications that would be impossible before.

With QCentroid, organizations can focus on the problems at hand and define how quantum computing can generate benefits for their customers and a competitive advantage for their organizations.

Join us on our bold and ambitious journey to make quantum computing a reality for all.

Together, we can solve the biggest challenges humanity is facing and create a better future for us all.

The Team

Let us introduce you to the team that makes all this happen.

Carlos Kuchkovsky

CEO & Co-founder

Antonio Peris

COO & Co-founder

Alberto Calvo

Tech & Product advisor

Sergio Gago

Cofunder, Tech & Research advisor

Alberto Calvo

Tech & Product advisor