Be Quantum Ready now

Start or speed-up your Quantum
Readiness Program

We know how difficult it is to start the
Quantum Ready Journey

  • Discovering the right use case to be improved with quantum computing.
  • Reading academic papers to find the right partner for your quantum experiment.
  • Benchmarking quantum algorithms to decide which one is best for you.
  • Integrating with different quantum HW provider.
  • Embedding quantum algorithms results into your organization workflows.

Speed this up with the QCentroid Platform and Ecosystem

Start running Quantum experiments and PoCs

without extra costs and complex integrations with multiple vendors

With the QCentroid Marketplace & Platform you can start running experiments for your specific use cases in hours.

Get instant access to multiple algorithms and hardware providers with a single API.

Discover if your use case can be modeled for quantum computers.

Get estimations of execution times and costs quickly.

Compare and benchmark the multiple solvers available, find the best one for you and be ready to use it when the Quantum Advantage becomes a reality.

Affordable hedging for future-proof Quantum readiness

Quantum winter is coming…or is it?

What if Quantum Computing is NOT a bust and you are not ready?

Reduce risk: Hedge for the quantum future 

( –> solving main pain points: High cost, long agreement cycle)