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Get to quantum utility faster.

HIDDEN Explore the power of Quantum computing to accelarate sustainable development and boost ESG performance.

Meet the QCentroid Suite

The first platform supporting the Quantum Ops process

Quantum PaaS

Design, test and deploy new applications with ease regardless of the complexity of the underlying hardware, software and enterprise integrations.

Quantum Ops

Natively manage your DevOps cycle with the dedicated quantum app workflow: from problem statement to algorithm execution, powered by state-of-the-art benchmarking.

Quantum Marketplace

Jumpstart your program with the latest pre-build algorithms and apps, ready to be tweaked for your problem; deliver your custom apps to end users with the private store functionality.

Add the right amount of support

 Always included: detailed onboarding and operations set-up

Quantum Readiness workshops

Bring all stakeholders on board, build intuition about what quantum can do for the organization and the industry, and get prepared for future technology development.

Quantum Computing programme design and expert support

Enhance your team’s capabilities by bringing QCentroid or independently-selected best quantum experts during any point of the Quantum programme.

End-to-end programme delivery and capacity building

Opt for turnkey quantum strategy and project delivery by QCentroid experts and independently selected best-in-class vendors – with comprehensive knowledge transfer during the project.

Curious what we can do for you?

Do things that matter

 With a platform designed to address (your) roadblocks

Approached by a potential service provider? Want to start your program, but don’t know whom to partner with? Considering investing in a quantum computing startup? Select wisely with QCentroid independent benchmarking-as-a-service solution

Get to the results faster and secure your innovation budget with accelerated quantum, classical and hybrid application development and delivery workflow on any backend with QCentroid Ops process.

Showcase and deploy your new quantum or quantum-inspired applications to your partners and customers through no code demos and a dedicated QCentroid Catalogue service.

Whenever you (secretly) developed a promising solution, or want to do a pilot with select real-life business processes, seamlessly integrate it into the enterprise infrastructure through QCentroid secure API and let the IT department manage it.

Get early access to the unique features in development and stay ahead with your innovation program – from assessing (and minimizing) the carbon footprint of your computational solutions to the automatic selection of the best solver parameters and dedicated solvers for ML-training optimization.

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Bring your sustainability efforts to the next level

Consolidate your broader commitment to sustainability and climate.

Consider finding out smart solutions

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Tech for Climate Adaptation Alliance memeber

QuIC Board Member, Market Trends WG

Member of Strategic Advisory Board, EU Quantum Flagship

Member of the Innovation Commission

Tech for Climate Adaptation Alliance member

QuIC Board Member, Market Trends WG

Member of Strategic Advisory Board, EU Quantum Flagship

Member of the Ametic Innovation Commission

Member of the Spanish platform for disruptive technologies

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