Our Partners

Succeed in your Quantum Readiness Program with the great partners that are part of the QCentroid Platform.

Develop hybrid quantum-classical algorithms to solve complex business problems in the fields of Energy, Aviation, Finance, and Climate Change.

Global leader in quantum cybersecurity, recognized for its advanced quantum-resilient data protection capabilities.

We create customer value in five verticals using off-the-shelf quantum technologies & parts.

Our Vision is to provide the world its first Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing based solution by creating a completely secure internet and communication at immense speed and security.

And more partners ecosystem announcements coming soon…

Company name: COMING SOON

Our QRNGs let innovators build advanced solutions for cybersecurity and computation.

Company name: COMING SOON

We are the global provider of quantum resources and professional expertise needed to create value, make an impact and grow your business.

Company name: COMING SOON

We are taking Quantum and Quantum Computing transversally to generate impact in the companies around us.

Company name: COMING SOON

We solve complex problems using Quantum Inspired Computing.

Company name: COMING SOON

We are a deep-tech startup that addresses real-life quantum-ready problems.