Quantum as a Service Platform

Accelerate Your Quantum Readiness with QCentroid Quantum-as-a-Service Platform

Effortlessly integrate Quantum Hardware, execute Quantum Algorithms, and compare results with our advanced tools.

  • Easily upload and execute quantum algorithms on a wide range of quantum hardware.
  • Seamless integration with existing IT systems through APIs, SDKs and Smart contracts.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and analysis tools to optimize algorithm performance and cost.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model for flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Compare and analyze results

Evaluate results by time, cost, and performance with our advanced comparison tools

Multiple comparison metrics. Our platform allows you to compare results using various metrics such as time, cost, and performance.

Graphical representation. We provide graphical representations of the results to help you easily understand and analyze the data.

Customizable analysis. You can customize the analysis of the results to focus on specific aspects or variables.

Collaboration tools. Our platform includes collaboration tools that allow you to share results and work with team members in real-time.

Cost control and monitoring. We provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of algorithm execution, including hardware usage, and algorithms license.

Effortlessly test algorithms with QCentroid’s no-code and API tools

Easily upload and execute Quantum Algorithms on a wide range of quantum hardware

Execution of  Quantum Algorithms, with no-code tools and API calls.

Experience the fllexibility of multiple quantum Hardware options. No vendor locking.

Easily upload and updating of Quantum Algorithms though to git repositories.

Ready to test catalog of quantum algorithms from top global companies.

Integrate with existing IT systems with QCentroid

Easily and securely connect Quantum Computing and algorithims to your current infrastructure with our APIs and integration tools.

Experience seamless integration. We provide ready to use and connect, APIs, SDKs and Smart contracts.

Secure connection and data transfer. We use secure protocols and automated processes to ensure the safe transfer of data and code execution. 

Customizable integration. Our team can work with you to customize the integration of Quantum Computing into your existing systems to meet your specific needs.

Ongoing support. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of the integration between your systems, algorithms and the quantum hardware.