No-code quantum algorithms execution with the QCentroid Platform

No-code quantum algorithms execution with the QCentroid Platform

The no-code execution feature for quantum solvers

Running quick experiments to test quantum solvers or algorithms is very with the QCentroid Quantum-as-a-Service platform and its no-code execution feature.

Let’s imagine you have two portfolio optimizers and you want to choose one of them to decide which assets to add to an investment portfolio.

With QCentroid’s Platform no-code execution feature it is as easy as three clicks:

1. Go to your Problems list and select the Portfolio optimization problem.

QCentroid Quantum Platform jobs list

2. Scroll down to the Execute problem section.

3. Paste the input data with your covariance matrices, assets prices and your budget.

4. Select or unselect the different solvers you want to execute.

QCentroid Quantum Platform no-code job execution feature

5. Click the Execute button.

And that’s it!

A new execution job has started and the solvers you selected are now running. Go to your Jobs section to se it.

QCentroid Quantum Platform job running

When all te solvers have finished, you will see the job status as Finished and the results will be available.

Click on the job to access the results:

QCentroid Quantum Platform job results execution time

Here, detailed information about each execution is shown, and benchmarking charts that compare each solver regarding execution time and cost charged.

QCentroid Quantum Platform job results execution details and raw results

With this example, we have seen how easy it is to execute quantum algorithms using the no-code feature of QCentroid Quantum-as-a-Service Platform.

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