QCentroid and Quindata.io Join Forces to Revolutionize Quantum Computing for Businesses in the Benelux!

Bringing Quantum Computing to organisations in Benelux

We are excited to announce a partnership between QCentroid and Quindata.io (a Cronos Group company), two pioneers in the quantum computing and sustainability arena. With a strong focus on the financial sector, retail, mobility and cleantech, this collaboration is set to bring the cutting-edge capabilities of quantum computing directly to businesses, transforming the way they operate and innovate.

QCentroid, renowned for its first-of-its-kind QuantumOps platform that accelerates “time-to-value” for its customers, and Quindata.io, a leader in integrating different technologies into practical and innovative business applications, are combining their expertise to create unparalleled opportunities for companies across various industries.

“You don’t need to understand how a computer works to use it; the same should be true for quantum computing”, – says Carlos Kuchkovsky, CEO of QCentroid Labs. “We developed a solution that hides the technological complexity and removes the barriers to quantum experimentation and adoption so that companies of all sizes could get a taste of the full potential of this transformative technology – at a fraction of time and cost. With Quindata.io industry and technology implementation expertise and QCentroid QuantumOps platform, every company can “leapfrog” and get on the same train with industry leaders.”

“Quantum computing is here to stay, and companies must be “Quantum Ready” to protect their market position and then discover new possibilities to boost their competitiveness,” points out Borja Gonzalez del Regueral, Managing Partner at Quindata.io. “Our company prides itself in helping customers empower and transform their businesses with the latest technology. Partnership with QCentroid aims to bring our capabilities in a critical emerging area to the next level, where we jointly co-develop solutions and help companies use quantum computing naturally, focusing on their business, and we take care of the technology.” 

What This Means for Your Business

Innovative Solutions: Leveraging the unique strengths of both QCentroid and Quindata.io, businesses can expect innovative, tailor-made solutions that harness the power of quantum computing.

Competitive Edge: This partnership will provide companies access to the latest quantum computing solutions and a QuantumOps platform and tools to accelerate innovation, giving them a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Expert Guidance: With a team of experts from both companies, businesses will receive comprehensive support in becoming “Quantum Ready”, from choosing the right technology providers and defining best use cases to creating their own IP with future-proof quantum applications.

Looking Ahead

As we embark on this journey, we focus on empowering businesses to reach new heights of sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine the possibilities of quantum computing in the business world.

Be part of the quantum revolution with QCentroid and Quindata.io!

About Quindata.io

Quindata.io, part of the Cronos Group, is a leading Benelux technology and innovation partner, providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses across various industries. The company’s expertise lies in introducing and implementing innovative technologies in sectors undergoing significant transformation, such as banking, insurance, utilities, media, and publishing. 

About QCentroid

QCentroid Labs is a leading Quantum Computing company offering Quantum-as-a-Service solutions, as well as the unique QuantumOps functionality that accelerates testing, comparison, and deployment of the best quantum, inspired, or hybrid computational solutions. QCentroid transforms how quantum experimentation is done, from months to weeks, enabling companies to get to quantum utility faster.